Fantastic hotel with lovely staff!

We had a lovely stay at Tugu hotel Bali due to the special atmosphere of the hotel, which is actually a small museum of Indonesian art and history. The lovely staff of the hotel made us feel at home and they bring hospitality to the next level. We enjoyed the lush breakfast, which you can have at any time and place you like. Every Thursday night the hotel has a cultural evening, which is a must see with spectacular dancing. Next to the hotel is the Japanse restaurant Ji, which is great for diner or cocktails. At least you should have a look inside as there is an actual temple in the restaurant. Canggu itself is developing fast and new hotels are build in the area, Tugu hotel is gracefully adjusting to the new surroundings and can hopefully capture the unique atmosphere of the hotel in the future. Next time we visit Bali, we will definitely stay at Tugu hotel again!