Fantastic four days up the river in Tanjung Puting

“What else can I say that others haven’t already said? WOW Borneo does an amazing job making sure your visit to Tanjung Puting will be one of your most memorable experiences ever. From the amazing, spacious Klotok boat, to the tasty and abundant food, to the little things like passing out a cool wash cloth when you return from shore, these guys are really and truly committed to their work.

One really nice example: at the start of the trip we changed our plans to spend more nights on the boat rather than stay for a night at Rimba Lodge. Our friends at WOW handled the change gracefully and promptly wired back the funds I had pre-paid for the hotel.

My only wish, and it’s small, was to get more local historical and cultural insight (in English) from our guide, Pretty – who to be fair is relatively new on the job. Despite this I always knew our needs would be foreseen and met, and I know my companions came away from our rainforest encounter with a profound send of new awareness and inspiration.”