Fantastic boutique dinner cruise experience

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“We booked the SC as a birthday celebration whilst family were visiting Bangkok (4 adults in total). We booked the Dinner Champagne Tattinger Cruise package which offers a fantastic selection of various dishes following a flute of Tattinger upon boarding.
As five-year residents of Bangkok, we had always wanted to experience a Chao Phraya dinner cruise, but had no intention of joining the buffet-style, neon-light-laden barges with over 500 other “”diners”” queing and elbowing our way around a floating eye-sore. In contrast, the SC setup is a very small, boutique, and well-managed operation, with a limited number of diners in a quiet and intimate setting. The top deck offers great uninterrupted views of the passing river and buildings on the banks. The route takes in many of the river’s highlights including The Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun, as well as some of the quieter stretches south of Taksin Bridge.
The table service was very attentive, professional (but relaxed) and prompt – there is quite a substantial list of servings to get through in the two hour experience, but the portions are tasty and appropriate. Being fans of the Bangkok outlets of Supanigga, we are aware of the seafood-orientation of the menu, and there was a bit of spice involved in a few dishes, but it is all very nice and very well prepared given the limitations on kitchen (being on a small boat!).
The departure from River City is very convenient and well-managed (with booking confirmation phone call earlier in the day). Being able to park in the River City complex is very helpful.
We were very excited to see the launch of this endeavour by Supanigga and were very happy and satisfied (and full!) that we chose it for a special occasion. We all thoroughly recommend the experience, and hope to return to take it all in again in the near future.”