Exquisite beauty and great service

“We were given a welcome drink and then escorted through beautiful grounds to room 209, an upper- floor Renjang Suite which was huge and featured a four-post canopy bed with carved wood, a beautiful hammered metal tub (a common Tugu Hotels feature) on an enclosed porch with views to the Indian Ocean and much more. The room was done throughout in beautiful wood and felt very cosy. The ceiling must have reached 20 feet at the top of the vault. Two Aircon units in the room kept the Bali heat in check.
The bedding was very comfortable and in the serene setting with the sound of the waves out the windows we slept very well. The lighting was too dim for reading in bed, so bring your clip- to- the- book light if that matters to you!
There were separate rooms for the shower and for the toilet. There was a lot of closet space and plenty of room for our luggage. Breakfast was a la carte and had a nice selection. The black rice was excellent, more or less a pudding, with coconut milk, delicious. Their omelets were tasty, too. There was delicately smoked salmon on their equivalent of soda bread, a very successful combination. The front desk, the bar, the restaurant tables and a large stage all share a big space under a vaulted roof. There was a cultural evening on our Thursday evening, no charge, and it was great. The statue of some winged beast at the back of the stage is impressive. The hotel is a showplace of various Indonesian works of art and is worth visiting just for that reason. The hotel puts chairs on the beach for guests and there’s also a lawn with beach chairs. You can order dinner and drinks on the lawn. The beach walks were great. There are lots of surfers to watch, and there are bars all along the beach in case the hot sun makes you thirsty…
There were plenty of bars and restaurants all up and down the streets, too, but from what I saw between the hotel and the airport, there are restaurants and boutiques nearly everywhere in Bali, some in the least likely places. Be sure to agree taxi prices before you go anywhere as they will rip you off if you let them. Our first and only experience with this ended well because the Tugu’s porter came up to the taxi when he saw me disagreeing with the driver, and when he heard the driver’s demand he told the taxi guy to take what I offered and buzz off. After that, we were careful to agree beforehand. The location seems to be good, although this was my first trip to Bali and I do not have anything to compare it to. It takes about an hour to manage the 22km from the airport.
At the end of our stay, the staff prepared a nice basket of fruit and chilled water to snack on in the car to the airport, and they all came out to wave goodbye, a very nice touch. We will certainly stay at the Tugu on our next Bali visit.