“The 10 course dinner menu is well-crafted and each course successfully tickled different areas of our taste buds. The meal starts with 4 complimentary snacks, followed by 3 appetizers, 4 main courses, 3 desserts & ends with Malaysian-flavored ice pops. These are served over a 3-hour period, which is good timing for me personally – lots of time for good, long conversations! Love the fact that each course is infused with Malaysian flavors, bringing these local ingredients to another level.
The restaurant atmosphere was quiet and service was impressive – they were quick to response to our needs. However, there are limited tables and they only entertain reservations made online (check out their website). This restaurant is located in KDU College, Glenmarie – may be quite a distance from KL but convenient for patrons from Shah Alam & Subang Jaya.
Overall, we had an enjoyable evening. It was definitely a great fine dining experience.”