Excellent unique food made with passion and great care + Fantastic service

“After being recommended to attend the restaurant, I was impressed at the outset with the customer service from my phone communications with Timothy (chef) and Nick (manager).

As a vegetarian with the exception of chicken, I wasn’t impressed with the dinner menu, but after being lured there for dinner I was amazed with the food I ate. It was the first posh restaurant I have experienced in my life where the small quantities of food actually filled me up, making the price great value for money. I also loved how non-exciting menu descriptions resulted in explosions of flavour in my mouth making it a very unique eating experience. I had a starter, main and dessert. The carefulness in thought of what to have in each dish was very evident from the moment each dish I received came with a detailed explanation of what was in it. Myself and my guests were equally surprised with how great everything tasted, particularly when we were reluctant to try non traditional desserts. Each dish we ordered came in a different designed plate, contributing to the clear message that all aspects of the dining experience have been carefully thought.

Similarly, the drinks also exceeded expectations. I loved the smoothies and my guests, who requested cocktails to be conjured up based on their preferred tastes, loved what they received. Each drink we ordered came in a different vessel, adding to the excitement of experiencing the unknown.

I’m told the dinner menu will change each week, making this a place to visit regularly if it is within one’s budget.

I also went for brunch a few days later and enjoyed their pancakes. If you love North American pancakes, then it is a dish worth checking out.

If I had to give any criticism, it would be to provide a greater selection of vegetarian and chicken dishes for the dinner menu. But, overall, I’m really really glad I went here despite my initial reluctance, and I know my guests had an amazing time too.”