Even better than advertised

“To have seen the gorgeous pictures on their website and read the lovely descriptions, one might say “not possible”, but somehow, Maison Polanka manages to exceed one’s expectations –greatly!

Our group stayed in the Khmer House and Green Room. Both are spacious and full of character, with an impeccable and sophisticated mix of contemporary and traditional decorations. But rest assured that here style does not come at the expense of guests’ comfort: Extremely comfortable beds; powerful and responsive AC; inviting bathrooms with walk-in showers; indulgent bed and bath linens and amenities; everything spotlessly clean; etc.
(...) Service was extraordinarily attentive. At Maison Polanka, our needs and wants were not simply met, they were anticipated. A few examples of the innumerable gestures of hospitality and warmth extended to our group by Cathy and every one of the staff at Maison Polanka : Throughout our four-day stay (amidst the steamy and broiling heat of September ...), every single time we came back to the hotel, no sooner did we walk through the gate when we would be met with chilled towels and a smile; our group was eternally grateful for the abundant supply of chilled towels (with menthol) and bottled water that Maison Polanka so thoughtfully sent with our touring van; knowing our tight schedules, Cathy and Harold worked tirelessly and thoughtfully (and even with last-minute revisions) to be sure that our tours and shopping excursions met our interests; Cathy knew our flight details better than we, and she and Harold were the ones who kept checking with our airline for the most accurate updates while we shamefully lounged around; the yogurt at breakfast was so good, I offered a taste to a friend; within minutes, yogurt magically appeared on her tray. By the way, there is a great deal of talents in the kitchen at Maison Polanka where the preparations reflected a preference for refined nuances and where the presentation was visually stunning : We fell in love with Cambodian cuisine here (...) To the owners of Maison Polanka and to everyone of their amazing staff: thank you for creating for your guests this haven in Siem Reap!”