Compact Asian Luxury.. Absolutely fantastic hotel

“We booked the same day we were to arrive given our initial hesitation to have Vietnam as destination for our long weekend escapade. We were amazed at the efficiency by which we were accommodated. The suites were booked for the night but a smaller room was instead alloted for us.

It was topnotch from the pristine furnitures and fixtures to the vibrant yet impressively balanced art works. The following day we were transferred to the freed up art villa suite with an astonishing den overlooking the saigon river. The breakfast was eat all you can ala carte and the boutique hotel again exceeded our expectations. Personally this is where we had our best ever coffee experience and you can feel there was passion behind the creation of the food they serve.

The hotel helped us book with the river sunset cruise. With the weather getting in the way of seeing the sunset, our guide “”Luke”” took us instead to the floating Pagoda and to a coconut drop off point where we had fresh young coconut juice that tastes even more heavenly than the ones we have in our very own beloved Philippines. This was the highlight of the vietnamese cultural education aspect of our trip having been immersed with our superbly fluent local guide who’s versed with of course the country’s current issues and its vibrant history.

The attentive hot staff were promptly alert and each was attentively catering to our every tiny need. If you’re after a compact yet very privately intimate vietnamese atmosphere fused with a strong french structural vibe, then you’d certainly feel like you struck gold with Villa Song. It heartfully made our vietnam trip an unforgettable success.”