Chill out space extraordinaire

You know that feeling of leaving a perfect place and grieving for that experience? Well, that is how we feel right now. The Island Lodge provided us with much needed healing and relaxation from the stresses of our work, health issues and our lives in the ‘rat race’. The world is becoming a harder place but The Island Lodge provides a respite from all of that. Thank goodness for such a place. We spent most of our time outside or on our balcony watching the river life – a busy artery of interest and diversity. The breakfast was personalised – no buffet. Beautiful basket full of breads, a variety of juices, eggs to suit and more. Dinner and a nice wine list enhanced the open wall dining area so we could still see the river! Pool was the perfect temperature for me. A comment about the staff – they were gracious, polite and seemed to be able to predict your needs. Thank you to all.