Charming hotel in a beautiful place

As part of our trip around Myanmar, we spent two nights at the Inle Princess Resort. We arrived at night, meaning we didn’t see the grounds until the sun came up the next morning – it was magical. Little bungalows either directly overlook Inle Lake, or two sweet ponds covered with lotus flowers within the resort. The rooms may be a little dated but are very well maintained and truly charming – lovely painting on the walls no matter where you go in the resort. There is also an in-room fireplace for the winter-time where staff can keep a fire going all night! Beds are very comfortable, all the amenities are there and should you seek more the staff will go out of their way to accommodate you. The out-door shower is fantastic! Especially during a rain storm... very romantic. The food is delicious, all locally sourced and prepared either Myanmar style or Western. I had dietary requirements as I have allergies and they were very helpful. Truly very delicious- don’t miss the tofu dish on the Myanmar menu, and you must try Shaan noodles for breakfast. The pool is also adorable, set in the middle of rice paddies. Delightful. Our stay was really wonderful, and visiting Inle Lake was a magical experience within itself. Probably our favorite hotel from the entire trip. Thank you!