“We got used to spend our vacations in upscale botique resorts. That’s why i had to dig internet quite intensively prior to making up our mind to choose this resort.

Due to it’s location i was sure that the nature would be at it’s best. However i had doubts about the quality of accommodation and services we would get in comparison to our previous vacations.

After the vacation i would say that everything was beyond my expectations.

Misool Eco Resort is a boutique resort with a max. capacity of 40 guests. Luckily during our stay there were only three couples. The resort has 3 personnel to 1 guest ratio. Probably during our stay this ratio was 5 or 6 to 1. Furthermore Mark(GM), Sue(Dept. GM) and Calvin(Guest Operations Manager) were available 24/7 for any problems/questions we might have.

We stayed in the Tabisasu villa just because we wanted some extra space and extra privacy and we were totally satisfied with our choice. We had problems to get used to sleep on new beds even at upscale resorts. Here we slept perfectly from day one till the end. I think this was not just because we got tired of daily diving/snorkeling activities but the beds and pillows were really very good quality.

Considering resorts remote location we were really satisfied with the variety and quality of food. We like to ear local food when we travel to Indonesia. Here all local stuff with noodles, rice etc were very tasty. In addition frequently we had western cuisine like burgers, pizzas etc.

And of course diving and snorkelling – which were our main aims of the trip to Raja Ampat were perfect.

We had personnel dive and snorkel guides which we ordered in advance. However the other couples also had one guide per couple. The reefs were arguably the best, the most healthy coral reefs we have ever seen. Full of life! Both macro and pelagic. One just need to show the dive guide what he is interested to see and the guide finds it unless it is a polar beer or dugong(which unfortunately do not live here) We were very lucky with our dive guide Kiikii and snorkelling guide Nelson as well as captains Samsul and Fikram.

If you have underwater photo/video equipment this resort has very convenient camera room and was very comfortable for us to prepare our cameras for the dives.

The only negative side of this resort for me is the lack of mobile network. But this can be a positive fact for many who would like to have a break from daily routine. For whom the presence of communication is a must taking an Iridium satellite phone is the only solution. By the way there is awkwardly slow internet however its good enough for communication via whatsapp, viber, messenger or similar apps which really helped.

We have been in Indonesia 7 times in previous vacations. Since we read that west Papua is a risky zone for Malaria we decided to take pills as a precaution. Especially after rain in the evenings we felt the presence of mosquitos. We were told that since the island is 5 hours boat ride from Sorong there are no infected mosquitos at the resort. This actually sounds logical because the staff working here would get infected for sure since they would not be allowed to use pills agains malaria daily for years. However since a stop over in Sorong is also required i would recommend to use pills for this trip.We had one tablet of Malarone per day and no side effects.

Other than diving and snorkelling with did the excursion to the view point and cave. I recommend it. But be warned that the health and safety standards are different than the ones you are familiar with.(and this was told in the resort in advance) In my opinion the view is worth it anyway. 🙂

One final advise – on the way to resort i organised our flight schedule in order to avoid one night stay at Sorong.(which is unavoidable on the way back) However the guests who did this arrived the resort after the 4.5 hours boat trip a lot fresher than us. The Swiss Bell Hotel which is booked by Misool Eco Resort is quite satisfactory to spend the night in Sorong.

Room Tip: Tabisasu has extra space and nice view to the ocean and islands around. More privacy while still ver...”

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