Beyond beautiful

“As a long time diver in the Caribbean and the Great Barrier Reef, I was amazed at the diversity and abundance of the: soft and hard corals, the fish, sharks, nudibranchs, clams, starfish, mantas etc at Misool. The colors are amazing. I had to remind myself that the reefs were real and not computer generated. Everywhere you looked there was a different coral and an unfamiliar fish/animal.
We stayed in a Water Cottage built above the water on stilts. Each night we slept to the sound of water rippling against the pilings, in a very comfortable king size bed surrounded by a canopy of mosquito netting. There were few mosquitos near us though others reported some. Food is abundant, delicious, amazingly varied and served family style so you get to know everyone there. You walk along boardwalks surrounded by flowers to diving, presentations and the dining area. We felt pampered our entire time at Misool, by the diving staff, the kitchen and wait staff, house staff, the management and the astounding beauty of the place.
Equally impressive is the work the owners of Misool do protecting the reefs, providing jobs / job training and education to the community. The beauty and health of the reefs at and around Misool is do in large part because of the work that Misool does in protecting the reef with it’s “”no take”” zone, employing local men to patrol and monitor fishing, as well as the recycling programs that keep the waters clean and also teach the children about the value of their ocean. Misool is a very special place, most of the people who were diving with us were returning because they love it. We also hope to return.