best place to acclimatise and enjoy the natural beauty of Ladakh


Nimmu house is a beautiful place, replete with apricot and apple trees is just perfect to acclimatise to the high altitude either by traversing the journey to Ladakh on road ( from Srinagar or Manali) or to stay put for couple of days at a quite place, while soaking in the stark beauty of the wonder that is Ladakh.

The location is perfect. Conveniently located 30 minutes from Leh (30 min from the airport) , the village of Nimmu is also close to the ,confluence (Sangam) of the Indus and Zanskar rivers and the monasteries of Lamayuru, Likir and Alchi (30 minutes – 1 hour drive). Nimmu is a charming little village where time has stood still, most people are farmers and happy with their simple lives.

Nimmu House is a noble house belonging to the cousin of Ladakh’s King from the early 90s, beautifully restored by a Frenchman Alex . During the property tour , our manager told us about the history and the supposed curse on the house due to which the occupants never bore any children, until the curse was dispelled by buddhist monks. Quite interesting!

On offer are 5 spacious tents and 2 rooms in the house , with an open terrace for meals .We stayed in the tent, which had a stunning view of the landscape , comfy bed and modern bathroom . For city dwellers like us the best part is that the property is spread over orchards with hundreds of Apple and apricot trees and the rivulet running through . Lying on the large hammocks ,smelling the sweet scent of apricot and hearing the faint constant gurgling sounds of the stream makes you put all the sightseeing plans on hold. But really who needs to step out when you can experience the nature , warm Ladakhi hospitality in absolute peace and comfort of Nimmu house .
There is no formal reception desk , but the staff is always available to make your stay comfortable. This place is serviced by one chef, one french manager and two local women. We received a very warm welcome by the French manager followed by 2 days of comfort and lot of personal attention. There is so much warmth in people that you forget about demanding any hospitality. We wanted to sample momos at one of the local restaurants on our evening walk and we were not carrying any money. To our pleasant surprise, a plate of steaming momos were served to us during dinner in Nimmu House, courtesy the local restaurant. Even as we were leaving , staff come out to see us off . It was almost like staying with family .

Chef Mahesh cooked simple , delicious meals which were served on the open terraces as the weather was lovely. Breakfast had eggs, fruits and bread, as per preference. We loved the fresh apricot jams and juices. Lunch and dinner were 3 course set meals with starter (soup /salad), main course and desert. Sample this :-
– Green Salad, Lasagna, Lemon Pie
– Tomato Soup, Hakka Noodles, Philadelphia Cheese Cake
– Gobi Soup, Paneer Masala/ Mutton Masala, Mud Cake
All meals are simple and wholesome, using fresh produce from adjoining farms and stables. The food is largely tailored to suit the western palate as most guests are westerners. But they will keep your food preferences in mind and ensure that you leave the dining table with your tummy satisfied !

Lunch at Nimmu House
Lunch at Nimmu House

Nimmu House offers the following activities to make most of your stay there .
Indoor: A library and game room , Guided tour of the house , stables or cooking classes .
Outdoor: village tour , short guided hike , rafting on the Zanskar, guided tour of the monasteries of Basgo, Likir and Alchi.
For us it was all soaking up the apple-scented air, lying on a hammock during daytime and hiking upto local gompas in the evening.
View from the Gompa
View from the Nimmu village Gompa

Amazing setting of orchards and Ladakh’s landscape with spacious tents. Best place to acclimatise , relax and learn about Ladakhi culture. It is a far cry from dusty lanes of Leh City and will give you exactly what you came for.
Now that you are convinced, lets bring you up to speed with the practicalities. Know more about Nimmu house
Getting there
The property is in Nimmu Village and 30 min drive from Leh Airport/ Leh City.

Hole in your wallet
Expect to pay around Rs 10,000 per night for the tent.

Internet / Television
There is no TV in the room and Wi-Fi signal is available on the terrace and house.

What else
– this is a family guesthouse , do not expect 24/7 room service or an elaborate ala carte menu.
– Be prepared to relax and enjoy the simple life”