Best Meal Ever!!

“Well where do I begin with David’s Kitchen.....
We were collected promptly by one of their restaurant cars and delivered to a magical setting that is the restaurant. We were quickly greeted by Tae who firstly apologised that David was not at the restaurant this evening but taking a break with his family. I’m certainly not going to deny the fabulous owners taking a holiday.
Tae did a fabulous job in their absence.

The meal was of exceptional quality, we have eaten all over the world and they have the balance just right, good quality food but without the usual ‘cheffy’ twist, if I want a sticky toffee pudding I don’t want it deconstructed with 17 ingredients I’ve never heard of!!

A lot of restaurants forget they are serving paying customers and seem to concentrate on indulging the chef and owners, this restaurant does neither it recognises the guests are there for good food in lovely settings served by genuine people.

I can’t praise this little restaurant in a quiet corner of Chiang Mai enough. If you ever fancy expanding to the UK I will be the first one to book!!”