Best location in Canggu

“Tugu Bali offers the best location in whole Canggu. It is right opposite Old Mans Restaurant which is a huge meeting point for all the surfers and hip people in that area. The hotel is so close to the beach and has its own private garden area which overlooks the beach. The Tugu Totel has some impressive historical pieces of the Indonesian history. It is so interesting and the staff can even tell you something
about it.
When we arrived we got welcomed by the lovely staff which sat down with us to do the check in. While that happened we got served welcome drinks and ice cold towels. You can choose your own welcome drinks. We chose a refreshing watermelon and a fruit shake. I’ve got the biggest watermelon I’ve ever seen and I was surprised how good it tasted.

The staff brought our luggage to our Rejang Suite which was upstairs. It is nestled within private gardens, small “rivers” and ponds of fish. The Suite is impressive and very spacious. It comes with a huge king sized bed. It is air conditioned and has asian décon and wooden furniture. Our room view was towards the gardens AND the ocean. The bathroom has a well pressured rain shower and another room also offers a spacious bathtub. The room gets minus points for its poor Wi-Fi and for the mosquitoes. Luckily the bed comes with a huge mosquito net. Make sure there aren’t any in there before you go to sleep.

I really liked the traditional architecture and the wonderful gardens on the property. It is a perfect place to relax as it is really quiet everywhere. I only used the pool once to cool down at night and I loved it. During the day the pool is not crowded at all and invites you for a refreshing dip.

The private garden area at the beach is also a highlight. It comes with huge sun lounges and beds. You can even have breakfast here. You can have breakfast everywhere and anytime you want. I fell in love with that service right away. From that garden area it is only a couple steps to the beach. The staff or security will watch your stuff, no worries. Be careful on the beach and keep in mind that the beach is mainly for surfing. Sometimes there are huge waves and strong currents. I really enjoyed that but if you aren’t a good swimming you should really think twice. During sunset the garden/beach area is also highly recommended. You can watch a beautiful sunset with a lot of privacy and in peace, while next to you a hundred people sit together on the grass of “The Lawn”. You are going to feel special on your spot. 

The Hotel comes with in-house restaurants which serve authentic Indonesian food to Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Another highlight is their own Japanese Restaurant called “Ji”. We were blown away by any dish. Every single dish was so delicious, from the Sushi to the tenderloin steak to the desserts.

Oh and don’t forget to try the afternoon tea. We always enjoyed that on a big sun lounge on the private garden area next to the beach. You’ll served tasty Indonesian sweets. It’s a nice experience.

I had a really relaxing stay there and can highly recommend it.”