Best boat on the river, great guiding

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“Wow Borneo organized a trip for me to Tanjung Puting to see orangutans, and then to Komodo to see dragons. Their boat to Tanjung Puting seemed to be the most comfortably furnished among the tour boats I saw on the river, and the food and guiding were excellent. Bear in mind that the visits to 3 feeding stations involve sitting among an audience with lots of other tourists from many boats as the orangutans arrive, eat and leave. We were lucky in that we got to see wild orangutans outside of this context as we cruised down the river. The monkeys and birds were worth watching, too (one monkey sneaked on board looking for food, but took off without succeeding).

For the Komodo trip, the boat was more basic, but the guiding was still great and there was a greater variety of activities, including hiking, snorkeling, beaching, and of course walking among the incredible Komodo dragons. We also got to visit a couple of interesting fishing villages when we stopped for supplies.”