Beautiful Tugu

There is a delightful languor that hangs over the Hotel Tugu. Canggu is laid back and beachy and casual but the hotel exists in its own little bubble of languid splendor. It takes a little while to surrender yourself to the requisite level of sensual abandon to truly appreciate the place, but try. A cup of ginger or cinnamon tea served in a celadon green tea cup on the veranda whilst you nibble delicious Balinese sweets, a swim in the sparkling pool adorned with fountains or (if you are lucky enough) a refreshing plunge in your own private pool, a long shower or soak in your semi open-air bathroom, while the carp in the adjoining pond look on, a short nap in the enormous four poster teak bed followed by an Arak Exotica as the sun sets over the beach and you should be suitably in the zone. If you are feeling moderately adventurous you can wander around the grounds and appreciate the architecture, art and antiques or poke around the cool, dark museum shop for treasures. It’s a gorgeous, delightful, sexy place. I was well looked after.