“If you like scuba diving, peaceful tranquility, a crystal clear turquoise ocean, friendly unpretentious service, beautiful unpolluted pristine beaches and holidays are a priority that you don’t mind spending a bit of cash extra on, then Misool would be a great choice.

If you have small children, like hectic nightlife or need to work within a tight budget then Misool may not be the place to stay. For the four of us ( we travelled as two couples) it was heaven on earth!

We are keeen scuba divers and have dived in many places across the globe but Misool really is the jewel in the crown. We opted for the unlimited dive package which is definitely worth it if you plan to dive a lot which we did. On offer every day are 4 dives – a pre-breakfast dive, post breakfast dive, afternoon dive and dusk/night dive. If that is still not enough you can dive on the house reef any time. Some dive sites are definitely better than others, but that said nearly all dive sights are significantly better than most dives that we have done elsewhere. We were there in February and the visibility was great. We also had a fair bit of rain but that in no way detracted from our holiday. Marfel, our dive guide was excellent and really looked after us. We were in an incredibly remote location with no access to medical facilities if we had had any sort of emergency but felt safe all the time due to the high standards of safety and equipment that we had.

The resort itself is so beautiful, words do not really do it justice. Neither do the pictures on the web site. You have to see it for yourself to appreciate it. The service is also excellent. The staff are so friendly and will do anything for you.

So are there any downsides? Well yes there a couple.Firstly getting there. It depends where you are travelling from obviously, but I would say that for most tourists it is going to be a real hike. From Dubai (which is one of the most accessible places in the world) it still took us 3 flights and a 5 hour boat journey. On the way there the boat journey wasn’t too bad becuase we were the first on the boat and got the air conditioned seats at the front. On the way back we had a few staff members travelling back as well as the guests and we were stuck at the back – very cramped, with no air conditioning which was pretty uncomfortable for a long trip. Secondly, whilst the whole resort is spacious, beautuful and in some ways luxurious it is on a small island miles from anywhere. In lots of ways this is a bonus but it does mean that the air conditioning does not work as well (or sometimes at all) as it would in places where you would pay this amount of money. It may seem incredibly expensive but then you do need to factor in that absolutely everything, including water needs to be imported. Also quite a bit of money (I don’t know how much) goes to conservation projects.

One final point – I would not recommend the meet and greet service at the airport. It is quite expensive and a total waste of money. We had to wait nearly an hour in sweltering heat on the pavement for our guide to turn up and when he did, he did not seem to provide any added value service at all. We would have been better queing at the check in for 20 minutes ourselves and paying to get into the lounge for a fraction of the price paid. We did alert Misool to this and they are looking in to trying to change providers.

Overall, I cannot fault Misool Eco Resort. This was probably the best holiday I have ever had and I would go back to Misool again tomorrow if I could. Thank you to the Misool team for making our stay so special !

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