Beautiful, relaxing resort

“My wife and I spent three days in an oceanfront villa at the beginning of our vacation here. Hotel Tugu is a beautiful, beachside hotel in north Lombok. It is off the main room and a bit distant from the nearest town or village, so it is a bit isolated. But this is not a problem- the hotel grounds are huge, and stuffed with balinese and Indonesian art. Indeed, it is a truly beautiful hotel, one of the most beautiful I’ve stayed in, and the beach is absolutely perfect- a huge expanse of sand great for swimming and snorkeling.
There are a two restaurants and bars serving a variety of Indonesian and western dishes. The food is excellent, though the drinks are a bit overpriced and weak (but still very tasty!). The hotel staff were extremely friendly and helpful, though I would say that at time I thought they were a bit over the top- there can be too much service. We also had a bit of difficulty booking activities- sometimes it was hard to get someone in the main office who could help us.
The rooms, like the property, were beautifully decorated, very comfortable, and clean. I would say that parts of them could have been more functional- the lighting was pretty dim, the bathroom tub didn’t work very well, and other small things. But these are minor issues- we really enjoyed our stay.
Overall, Hotel Tugu is an excellent hotel and well worth a visit for a more Indonesian experience than offered by other local hotels. If you are looking for the efficiency of a European-standard luxury resort, I might try one of the other nearby resorts, but then you will miss staying in a beautiful and unique property.”