Beautiful jungle retreat with excellent service

” came on a group retreat so my experience might not be the same as a general tourist, but had the most lovely stay with such friendly, attentive and thorough service. Our every need was catered for with such politeness and efficiency. We were in a big group with multiple events throughout our stay and complex logistical needs, and everything was made so easy thanks to the staff.

The rooms themselves are very traditional and rustic, but beautifully fitted out. I had a huge four poster bed with a glorious bathroom complete with a big stone bathtub (and fresh rose petals everyday). The property is HUGE and is absolutely beautiful to explore – so much greenery, beautiful mountain views, a stunning infinite pool and comfortable common areas. The wifi is fairly reliable which was quite important for us – it would fall out every now and then but not take long to reconnect. The food on offer was traditional – quite a lot of options and always delicious. My only comment would be that it was generally quite flavoursome and heavy – there were generally options for dietary intolerances but in terms of plain “”clean eating”” it was a bit harder. Similarly, the place has gym facilities but they are very basic. Although when you come to MesaStila there is enough other physical activity to do without equipment – just go for a hike around the property!

It’s about 2 hours from the airport which was quite a trek, but the seclusion makes it worth it. About an hour from Borobudur but easy to organise transport through the hotel. Would definitely recommend a stay for a secluded, relaxing, retreat style holiday. The one thing that would be worth noting in advance – it is a Muslim area with many mosques surrounding it and at prayer times very early in the morning and again in the evening chanting can be heard quite loudly through amplified speakers. I didn’t wake up to it overnight, but a lighter sleeper might need to invest in earplugs. It’s part of the cultural immersion though, so we quite enjoyed it.”