Beautiful hotel on a beautiful lake

“Out canoe took us from the pier at Inle to our hotel. As we neared the hotel and passed a small hut, our boat slowed down and one of the hotel employees jumped onto the front with an oar. He steered the boat slowly and then started using his right leg to maneuver the oar while balancing on the edge of the boat with his left leg. He would use his hands to put the oar in the air, then use the heel of his foot to bring the oar back in and around through the water. It was amazing. I thought they were doing this especially for the tourists, but later we saw many, many fishermen doing the same thing. This is the way of the inhabitants of Inle. The boys learn this skill as soon as they begin to walk. What balance!

The resort is owned by a local Shan family. And of course it is right on the lake. Inle Princess Hotel is in the midst of nature surrounded by tropical gardens and lily ponds. The rooms themselves are traditional pyinkado (a Myanmar hardwood), teak and bamboo thatched houses. The dining room overlooks a large deck which overlooks the water. What a perfect place to sit in the evening, have a drink and watch the sun set.

We checked in, were greeted with a warm towel (this was the custom at all the hotels), served some tea, were escorted to our room. Each room is a hut with tall ceilings, a large bed with a canopy (later, when we returned from dinner, the entire bed was surrounded by the canopy for warmth and to keep the bugs out. It was like sleeping in a cocoon). There is a sitting area and a big fireplace. Our view is of the mountains as the lake view rooms were not available. But still beautiful.

After spending the day on the lake, we got back to the hotel just in time to go the bar, order a fancy Mandalay Rum drink and watch the magnificent sunset. The sky burst into flames of red, orange, pink, purple. And all that color reflected into the water. A beautiful way to end the beautiful day.

Dinner had to be at the hotel as obviously you can’t get anywhere. It got cold once the sun the down and we were glad to have our fleece sweaters. A light down jacket would have been great. The locals all wear them!

The food was delicious, the menu with beautiful paintings, the room surrounded by ovens.

After dinner, back in our room, the fireplace had been lit with coals, the room was toasty, the minibar was free, our bed was surrounded by the cocoon and all was well.

This is an absolutely beautiful place to stay.”