Beautiful Hotel in a Beautiful Land

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This hotel is an absolute haven. Mrauk U is an incredible destination but can leave the traveller feeling a little worn, dusty and disorientated. The Mrauk U Princess Resort provides a calm, orderly and natural space to gather your thoughts and feel gently pampered. The food is very good and given the difficulties in sourcing ingredients such as wheat and coffee, provides an almost miraculous feat of delivering crispy, fresh croissants for breakfast every morning (make sure your come after 7.20am when they come out of the oven) with excellent coffee. Local food is also good, with delicious soup noodles for breakfast, and good salads and curries at night. The rooms are large and comfortable. I had a very small accident, entirely my own fault, but the hotel staff were responsive and professional, providing very good, simple but thorough medical care. One of the more remarkable experiences was hearing the wealth of sounds through the night as the environment is very natural and not subjected to the chemical exposure that many tropical resorts use. The result is a nighttime symphony of frogs, crickets, and cicadas.