Awesome hidden getaway

“Stepping onto the compound (after trying to find the place), you just know privacy is what you’ll be getting. Quickly greeted by the person manning the front counter, you know you’re in good hands. At least I did. I arrived later than my partner did but the fact that this frontdesk person knew who I was showed a level of care in who the guests are.

It’s amazing despite having strict rules, it’s really for the best benefit for everyone including ourselves. The place is fancy in its simplicity and rest assured the absence of cell service isn’t a disservice but exactly what every person that comes down here needs! It is a getaway... And a great one.

We didn’t plan for this trip and just settled for beds in the dorm. Honestly I’ve stayed at backpackers and when you think dorm some or many might cringe.. But if more dorms were like these, I’m definitely going to stay in dorms more! The facilities are amazing. I mean, yes 6 beds (3 bunk beds) in the room but it’s there for sleep which is fine and the bathroom attached to it is the best with running hot water so it’s definitely all good! The absence of a TV is expected of a dorm room but seriously there wasn’t a need for a TV (that’s what the TV room is for at the main building... And there are books too!!)

Now this place isn’t for kids and it’s good they made it strict with no kids under the age of 12 (or so I’m told) and that makes sense because the whole point of the trip is to relax and chill and laze and be free from the hustle and bustle of life. And that’s what you’d do.

I spent most of my time on the lawn chair just looking at the pool. Occasionally going in the pool being a hippo or whatever water mammal that just lazes in the water. Besides just looking at the pool you’d definitely pick up any reading material (I opted for comics) and just remain on your back. Relaxed.

Did I mention you’ll just be relaxing and not be doing nothing much? Coz it’s just that freaking good.

Service was actually the best as the people there would check to see if you need anything.

The kitchen closes early at 8 pm so by 5 pm the dinner order has to be made which is cool because they do tell you that so no point to whine about it. Food was amazing and I was overwhelmed by the portion of pasta I got. I mean I’m a pasta monster and can really down it but this one I wasn’t able to finish. It’s cool coz it’s creamy pasta and no one can really down a whole lot of that when I think about it..

The bar is open till 11pm so that’s cool.

Reasonably priced food as it shows in the quality and prep. Oh and breakfast was included in the room cost which being complimentary, they offer basic breakfast choices of either English breakfast or pancakes. Cereal is there too and that’s all you can eat. I think.

All in all, place is sweet and definitely going to be a regular thing. Possibly. Likely .

Kudos to the people who made it work so well!! Highly recommended for those needing a break.

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Stayed October 2016, traveled as a couple”