Awesome experience

“I have to say they have an exceptional stuff that makes this safari a great experience. They are very professional and they will do the best for your comfort. The tents are GREAT, its a very nice enviroment and eventhought you are in the middle of the jungle (right next to Yala National Park) the accommodation its very clean, safe and comfy. The shower is A MA ZInG... You can shower looking at the starts. The food is very varied and includes many options of Sri Lankan food. Spending the night itself is a great experience. In my case, i did two safaris, one at 3pm and otherone at 5am the next morning, i saw among others animals: Elephants, a Leopard,
Buffalos, Deers, Eagles (Grey-headed fish eagle and White-bellied sea-eagle that i can remember of), Ceylon jinglefowl, Indian peafowl
Cocodrile, tons of birds (Common kingfisher, Rose-ringed parakeet, among others), oh and of course diverse monkeys. Awesome experience, highly recommended.”