An utterly awesome delight!

“I spent 2 nights at the Hotel Tugu Malang in late May. I readily admit that I am not accustomed to luxury, and I won’t say whether any of you who are would find the Hotel Tugu Malang to be so, but I was delighted by my experience at this hotel, which I found utterly awesome! The bowl of fresh, peelable fruit – replenished each day and complete with a finger bowl holding water and a freshly cut blossom — was just one sign that I was in a very, very nice hotel. ☺

My room was lovely and was delightfully furnished. Hot water was plentiful and the water pressure was excellent; my mini-fridge was nicely stocked, as was the tray with an electric kettle and French press; there were even washclothes among the many toiletries in the bathroom, which had lots of counter space, a bath with shower, and a window (with blind and drapes) into the bedroom. And if my balcony was tiny, it was still large enough to offer a small seating area and lovely view over the hotel’s pool area.

It wasn’t just the room that wowwed me: The daily high tea held an impressive range of treats served in a delightful setting. The hotel’s spa offered a free 15-minute introductory massage. The breakfast (included in my rate) was generous and delicious. The restaurant offered dinners in several different cuisines and even had a decent selection of wines (if at prices reflecting the rareness of wine in Java). The hotel holds some remarkable artifacts, which can be seen on a tour of the property. And last, but certainly not least, the staff provided exceptional service – kudos one and all!

My only very small niggle: The pool is not well separated from the restaurant, so I felt simultaneously “on display” and disruptive when I took a dip while diners were enjoying their meals. Just a small thing....”