An incredible marine experience!

“Andrew and Marit have accomplished the almost-impossible by building this remote, luxurious resort on an island in Raja Ampat, mostly from driftwood, and without a fresh-water source. It is a dive resort, but we are snorkelers, and were extremely well taken care of by Andrew, Marit, Mark, Sue, Calvin, two wonderful men both named Ali in the restaurant, and also young “”Soo press””, and the lovely masseuses Banne and Reeshna at the spa. We were assigned a private boat driven by the excellent Sam Saul and a private guide, “”Son”” (for Nelson), who took us on very many enlightening snorkelling excursions near the island. We even swam with 3 manta rays at “”Magic Mountain””! We were in paradise! The conservation philosophy of this resort is commendable and inspiring, and we were left with a feeling of hopefulness for the future of this marine habitat. Well done, Andrew and Marit, and staff!