An excellent experience, faultless

“This was a fantastic experience, both in the camp itself and in the National Park, with excellent, knowledgeable guides.

If you are a keen photographer, ample facilities are provided including bean bags for game drives and guides have a good appreciation of vehicle positioning vs the sun and game.

First and foremost, the main reason that I imagine most people have arrived at this page is that they are looking for a good safari guide in Yala. You will not be disappointed. We saw a LOT of game. 5 leopards in total, a sloth bear, 2 tusked elephants (very rare in Sri Lanka) and countless other species. The guides were very enthusiastic and clearly love their work. The commentary on the typical behavior different animals we saw was informative and at times even entertaining, these are really nice people.

The experience in the camp was also fantastic – the food was the best that we had on our trip to Sri Lanka, the tent that we stayed in, “”Leopard””, felt very private and to reiterate other reviewers’ comments, the outdoor shower under the stars was a memorable experience.

Other guests were similarly enthusiastic about wildlife which led to a calm and suitably quiet environment when we were close to game.”