An amazing experience..

“Firstly, my apologies, as my review comes in very late. We travelled as a family of 5 and had planned a one-night stay at Tiger Mountain in late March. The moment we stepped into the lodge, its location took our breath away. Looking down at the valley below and the clouds in the distance, my family was instantly taken with the property. I, of course, had ulterior motives, Tiger Mountain is renowned to be one of the best birding destinations in Nepal. We were welcomed very warmly by Jhalak, the property’s customer service manager who gave us a complete overview of the property. We had arrived at lunchtime, so after taking our lunch (all freshly made, the highlight of which was the tomato chutney), we retired to our rooms where the view was equally marvelous if not more. (...)As my family had some specific food requirements, the hotel stage were kind enough us to whip us something when the regular meal choices didn’t make sense. At night once the weather had settled, Hari brought me out to listen to the haunting call of the Mountain Scops Owl, and since I had a flashlight, he said I could try my luck to catch the eye shine of a wandering yellow-throated marten (no luck there!). Next morning, I was up again to go with Hari, and after a quick clouded view of the Himalayas, we were off. We saw many more species, including the Khaleej pheasant scurrying away from the owner’s bungalow into the forest. Truly a birder’s paradise this. Jhalak and all the other staff ensured throughout our stay that we were well looked after (Jhalak, I did mention you to Jitudai at Chitwan, he beamed brightly when he heard yours and Hari’s name). All in all, a wonderful stay, cozy, relaxing and for an amateur birder, downright enjoyable 🙂