“There is no other words to describe The Tugu other than magical, fantasy and beautiful.

This is without doubt the most unusual hotel I have ever stayed at and i’ve been in the
industry since 1978 so I have been to a LOT of hotels!

The Tugu is one of the most sublime, comfortable, luxurious but not pretentious hotels
I have ever had the pleasure of staying at. Everything is done with the guests comfort
and pleasure in mind.

We stayed in the most wonderful suite (room 103) which is situated facing out onto the
beach but I shan’t give more details of this wonderful room as I do not want to spoil
others pleasure of surprise when they arrive at these rooms to stay in the future. All
I would say is the supplement is worth every penny.

The bed is the MOST COMFORTABLE of any hotel anywhere! Indeed it was the main
subject of conversation throughout the hotel between guests – they literally hug and love you!

Breakfast is outstanding – choose anything and as much as you require from the breakfast menu at anytime of the day! Wonderful and relaxing with many many special
homemade and original items to enjoy.

Lunch and Dinner is excellent and can be enjoyed ANYWHERE within the hotel grounds without any of the ridiculous supplements that so many hotels charge for this.

The grounds and buildings – words cannot do justice you will just have to come and see the wonder of an hotel for yourself. The gardens are stunning, the spa a miniture
in the style of Borobodur that’s without the two restaurant buildings. This hotel in case
you had not guessed is very very special.......................

But only to those who seek peace, tranquility and comfort. If nightlife and constant
daytime noise and activities are your thing this won’t be!

In concludsion, Hanny the Manager and her entire team of staff have actually got
EVERYTHING right, which is so rare. Highly commended for a really enjoyable stay.”