Amazing safari experience

“Where can I start?!
This place is amazing!!!!

The safari itself: saw every animal we were told we would, very knowledgable guides who have such a passion for the animals and are just as excited and keen to see the wildlife as the tourists are. (Praneet and Di Lanka- we love you!) amazing close encounters, comfortable jeep rides with no nausea or any feeling of discomfort at all, we were asked which location of the park we would like to visit, our wishes were always taken into account and the guys just want to please you.... And they are so genuine. A cool box with beers and soft drinks accompany you on safari.

The camp: amazing well equipped tents, that are absolutely everything you need, hot shower on request, proper toilet and flush, nice clean and fresh towels, bath mat and all the little luxuries- even shampoo and shower gel are provided. Pathways lit and easy to get about, amazing bar area with bean bags, a fabulous place to chill and have a glass of wine!

The food: AMAZING!!!
We were pleasantly surprised by the standard of food, we have eaten in 5* restaurants, and we can genuinely, genuinely say that the camp have provided the best food we have ever tasted. A big thank you to the chef. The guys explain what everything is, how to eat it etc. The staff can cater for any dietary requirements as long as they know beforehand. We never went hungry or thirsty!!

The staff: the staff are out of this world. They are so smiley, genuinely happy and want to make your experience the best it can be. Thank you to Praneet, Di Lanka and Silva for making our stay with you incredible.

The facilities here are incredible, if I had children I would not have any doubts about taking them: any age, their needs would be fully met.

This trip was worth every penny..... Would We go back, YES!!!!”