Amazing. Just amazing

Booked through a website called Secret Tables. When I arrived I was escorted to a secret table. Basically a room with a little table just for me. Bit weird. But loved it for that very fact. Staff were brilliant. A lovely candle. Won’t spoil it for you. Just admire upon arrival. Highly attentive service. Subtle at the same time. Welcome drink amazing. And more if desired. Then the degustation meal came. Each dish a masterpiece to be admired before consumption and more so upon it. Great thought has been put into the entire experience of dining here. You will be rewarded for going. There will be no regrets. I walked 5km to get there from where I was staying. Not a step back unworthy of what I encountered. Congratulations team. Soon you will have a star or two and they will come. Please change nothing when the deserved success arrives.