Amazing hotel amazing staff

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“Our stay at Tugu owned hotel in Blitar was our first introduction to the chain. Knowing little about the area prior to our arrival in Indonesia we thought we might as well stick with the same chain for our subsequent Malang visit and we are happy we did. We were utterly impressed by the quality which we think deserves some publicity for others to experience themselves, especially for travellers who seek out low key (read: reasonably priced) and independently owned boutique accommodation.

From the moment we arrived until the time we departed friendly staff were around to ensure our comfort. Tugu hotels contain local history. But what stood out for us is how they made us feel comfortable.

An early morning incident exemplified why our praise of the chain. Unbeknownst to the staff the team of a visiting official had a very loud sound system test at 3 in the morning across from the hotel. Upon inquiry staff was immediately on hand to relocate us to another room for a few hours of quiet rest. This was followed by numerous apologies by different staff we encountered next day in each corner of the premise. The ultimate apology was when we were upgraded to an incredible suite for our second night despite our assurance that we were alright in our original room. We travel extensively and stay at many different hotel/Airbnb accommodations. Such a response stands out and is cherished.

And one more thing. On top of the great service they offer afternoon tea offering local tea and coffee and assortments of local sweets and treats. To us that’s what sweet memories are made of.”