Amazing creation in middle of nowhere

“After reading trip advisor review, i booked this smallest luxury Oasis in middle of nowhere. There were no signages, google map was unable to assist you with direction, there was no signage outside the hotel and even the last patch of road was not in existence...... despite all this i just loved this property. I loved it for its tranquility, isolation and the creation of its maker. Anopura is very tastefully made and very professionally managed with limited people hanging on your head. The food was amazing and the dog ‘Latika’ was the best companion you could expect at a property like it, very well trained and joyful.

Having just two rooms adds the charm to the place as it give you lot of privacy. This is simply great for couples looking for intimate and quality time with each other. Property has a beautiful square swimming pool made of black stone. There common place, kind of ‘baithak’, is very well planned and has comfortable seating, one can see 4/5 kind of mosquito repellants placed here as its an open area.

I can keep telling all goodies about this place as my list in endless. Finally I will conclude that I fall in love with this place, will surely come again.”