Amazing Chef’s Table experience

“Had no idea what to expect when we booked this restaurant, and not knowing even made it better. We almost left because we didn’t know where the restaurant was, we entered the bar adjacent and they said it was next door but next door was a gelato place which was closed. Blackitch was above this gelato place but we felt weird entering a closed shop. Luckily as we were about to leave, a lady came out and let us in, led us up into this quaint and small space. It was the restaurant and it would only fit about 12 people (2 tables and a bar area) making it super intimate.

The food consisted of a 9-course set menu which is meticulously prepared by the Chef who comes out to explain each course. It changes all the time and his philosophy is very farm-to-table, local, nose-to-mouth cooking. His cooking ideals are admirable and we would definitely go back to try the other dishes he comes up with as the dishes were delicious (lots of Thai flavors fused with other cuisines). A meal for 4 of us cost around 7000 baht with drink and corkage as be bought a bottle of wine along.”