“Quite a different experience of food made with local ingredients, but in a modern way. When you first enter, you can choose from the 5-course menu or 7-course menu, but don’t be fooled – there are many more appetizers and desserts that they sneak into the menu. There was also a vegetarian menu, as well as some raw dishes. I don’t eat raw stuff, so the waitress advised that I could substitute the items from the vegetarian menu, or other items from the 7 course menu.

There is no a la carte menu.

As each dish is presented, the waitress will explain briefly about the ingredients and how you are supposed to eat it. I think there are already many pictures of the dishes, so I don’t have to go into them in detail. Sufficient to say, each dish is made of a complex and interesting symphony of flavours, so your tongue in for a major treat.

The entire 5-course meal took 2 hours, so be sure to budget sufficient time for this experience.

Service was friendly and attentive throughout.

To book, you can go through the website, and be sure to book 2-3 months in advance to ensure that you can get a slot you want. The restaurant is usually fully booked. Also, if you do book – make sure that you do not get your booking wrong. They are serious about charging USD60 per person for no-shows.”