“The Mansion is divided into 3 parts – the boutique hotel, the heritage museum and the restaurant. We stayed there for 2 two nights and totally enjoyed it.
1. Location of the Mansion is inside the UNESCO heritage site and very near other attractions.
2. Complimentary parking is available inside the compound of the Mansion.
3. Complimentary guided tour is available 3 times a day if you stay at the Mansion.
4. Rooms are huge and comfortable.
5. The swimming pool area is so relaxing and it’s new!
6. Amenities provided are well thought of and of quality.
7. TV with 11 channels and WiFi in the room also available.
8. Check-in and check-out were easy and fast.
9. Security was good. Visitors not staying at the Mansion are not allowed access to the wings where the rooms are located during their tour of the Mansion.

Needs attention/improvement:
1. Mosquitos in the room – mosquito repellant is provided in the room for you to use.
2. Breakfast was late on the day we were leaving. We rushed through breakfast.

Additional info:
1. The tour was informative. Our guide mentioned almost everything that was in the book about the Mansion that we purchased from the gift shop after the tour.
2. The Indigo restaurant was really good. We love the food so much and the service was excellent.”