AMA…wait for it…ZING

“I have reached 50 years old and I can honestly say that this was the best meal I’ve had in my life full of travel and restaurants all over the world.
I walked in on my way back from the Monkey Forest, hot and tired, just intending to grab a quick bite and drink. I’m not sure why but I was offered the tasting menu – I said yes, unaware of the price but ready for an adventure.
I ordered 5 courses between the regular and vegetarian choices. To my surprise, 7 beautifully presented amuse bouche courses came first – each exciting and delicious.
Then a new chef came out with each course to explain it to me. Exceptional service! And the tastes made my mouth soooo happy.
To my surprise there were 2 more amuse bouche dishes before dessert arrived.
After almost 2 hours, I thought it would never end and I wanted it to never end!!!
The last surprise was an entire flight of chocolates and jasmine tea.
All of the food was meticulously prepared and incredibly delicious.
Lunch cost about $90 CND, which is the priciest lunch I’ve ever had but WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!
Make a reservation!!!”