A very special place

It’s not often that I come across a place like Tiger Mountain which has such a rich history, character and genuine warmth. The staff led by Marcus is first class – almost all of them have been with the lodge from the start (nearly 20 years) so there is a sense of real family and connection. A colleague of mine who has lived in Kathmandu for the past 20 years recommended this gem to me and i can see why. Escaping the chaos of Kathmandu to the quiet hills and being surrounded by beauty, clean air and the option of relaxed strolls through the local village or an afternoon reading a book with tea while facing the mountains – it was perfect! But most of the all, the people made it special. Thank you Marcus and team for making my stay so memorable and for connecting me to such lovely and interesting guests – like Carol below whose birthday i celebrated on my first night there. I will be back very soon.