A very special place

“Having booked our table here some time ago we were hoping for something out of the ordinary to remember our stay in Luang Prabang by. The special table we were given certainly lived up to our highest expectations and the food was just sublime. We thought the meal we had at another restaurant the previous night was excellent but the food at Manda de Laos took us to a different level. Claiming to be an authentic taste of Laos we can only confirm that this is cooking to a very high standard comparable to any we have eaten whilst travelling around the pworld. The suggested menu, describing it as fixed would do it a disservice, was delicious with wonderful flavours throughout the meal.
Staff were attentive, friendly and courteous and described each element with knowledge and passion.
There are some who will and have commented on the cost here but knowing the cost of things whilst not appreciating their value is one of life’s biggest mistakes. Let us just say it was good value and leave it there.
This is a must visit restaurant in Luang Prabang so go all out for the Manda de Laos suggested menu, and we hope, like us, you find it as enjoyable and memorable as we did.”