“We have traveled a lot around the world in both high luxury hotels and small guesthouses, but we must admit that I have rarely had such a nice experience as the one we got at Thahara Inle Heritage. To us, this hotel has it all : the luxury bungalows with quiet private terrace right in the middle of Inle lake (that you would expect to find in a a 5* hotel) and the adorable welcoming service that you can only find in small intimate guesthouses. Plus, the food is divine (and the breakfast, Oh My !) and very much affordable for the location, so what more can we ask for ?

Well, you could wish that your money goes to a good cause, and it does. Thahara Inle Heritage is part of the not-for-profit training center that prepare local young people for careers in restaurants and hotels. That explains the amazing and welcoming service ! It also had its own amazing garden full of delicious vegetables, which explains the amazing local cuisine of their restaurant, and works towards full sustainability, so you are assured to contribute to a green stay. You can also take part in one of their cooking class if you have time, surely the best one you can find in the country ! Or you can just wander around the Thahara, pay a visit to their Burmese cat center or check out their local Aquarium. Or you can hop on a boat and head to Nampan market, 5 minutes away, or leave for a memorable boat drive to the Sankar, on the very southern shores of the lake. Endless possibilities, total freedom, breathtaking views. Definitely the highlight of our trip to Myanmar.

PS: as for the previous comment, fear nothing if you are a light sleeper, Thahara provides you with earplugs in your room, though we did not need them. And if you are afraid to be cold at night on the lake, you will be happily surprised to find hot water bottles in your bed to warm you up when you come back to your bungalow at night. Brilliant.

Stayed January 2016”

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