A truly magical place

“Ubud and its surroundings are full of Swanky five star hotels and retreats but if you want to experience something truly magical head to Sandat, you won’t regret it!
Set amid the rice fields this quixotic resort that defies definitions is truly stunning: you’ll be able to choose among some luxury tents (more on this later) or three of the lumbungs, traditional Balinese rice barns that have been conceived as spacious apartments. We stayed in one of the tents, actually a lovely structure built with high tech materials that will just about separate you from the adjacent rice field and the forest in front of you. I always hated camping and this is nothing like that: you’ll find yourself in a five star room with all amenities and comforts (wooden floors, stylish furniture, comfy bed), don’t be put off if, like me, camping is not for you! Every tent has its own private plunge pool and sun chairs. At all time you are far away from indiscreet eyes and the staff will always announce their presence before coming anywhere near your place. Mind that this is also an eco resort and they made the conscious decision not to have aircon (yet the tent was very fresh) or television (but wifi and plenty of books and magazines are available).
Longest review I’ve ever posted on tripadvisor, yet it’s not over. (...)Enjoy the tropical garden and be amazed to find out that all the lush plants are just two years old.
What else can I say? If you don’t mind spending the extra dollar and you are looking for a true memory then Sandat is the ideal place for you!”