A True Island Paradise

“There are plenty of Lengthy reviews here already so will keep this succinct.

Just spent 10 Sublime days & 9 Exquisite Nights at Misool Eco Resort this September. Would have happily spent 10 more. This is a truly special place. I have not been to another resort anywhere that matches the genuine care, warmth and concern that all of the staff show for their guests. Mark and Sue, with their vast Island Resort experience, along with their humble unassuming nature bring a level of Empathetic service and understanding that is unmatched anywhere! I could list all of the other frontline staff by name and thank them individually, but I was equally impressed with all of them, as they were all totally genuine and helpful and an absolute delight to share the island with.

This is not some pretentious 5 star resort in the Maldives, or Bora Bora that has spared no expense on all of the modern luxuries at the expense of its surroundings and the Native Peoples. It is a perfect, flawless uncut diamond built in perfect harmony and balance with it’s mostly untouched surroundings, in a well considered, thoughtful and sustainable way. The resort manages to simultaneously give back to the local people whilst truly supporting and restoring its pristine surroundings to all of their original glory.

If you are a diver, the abundance of Soft Corals and Marine Life on all of the surrounding reefs is overwhelming. If you are not a diver, a leisurely afternoon swim or snorkel on the house reef is just as impressive.

You won’t find another experience quite like staying Misool Eco Resort anywhere! If you are considering it, Do it! As soon as you have, you will want to go back for more.”