A superb, ecologically responsible,luxury holiday close to nature

“A wonderful location immediately adjacent to the park, you cannot camp inside, An oasis of tranquility, superb hospitality and eco-responsibility that sets it apart from other safari operations serving Yala National Park. Delivers true luxury, superb food while maintaining a very low impact.

Thoughtful, highly knowledgeable guides and drivers, that clearly love and respect the wildlife and habitats. The camp is spacious, well laid out, and has a charming ‘homely’ feel, as a guest you feel like a member of an extended family. The three meals a day are fresh, local, wonderfully presented Sr Lankan cuisine, with spicing tempered to the guest preferred palate.

Noel (the owner), Praneeth (my guide and companion) and Priyantha (driver/ waiter/ and magically at hand, smiling at every turn) were all superb. Great for anyone with a interest in wildlife, not just leopard spotting, who wants to experience and be close to nature in a sustainable manner.

An immense knowledge of the park and its environs, working in partnership with the park staff: a member of the park service and/or wildlife department joined our vehicle and assisted with spotting and interpretation of likely animal locations given prevailing conditions.

Specialist, 4WD land cruisers, fitted 6/7 guest open-sided viewing platforms. In truck refreshments, guide books, binoculars and viewing aids, everything you could need to hand. Responsibly driven inside and outside of the park, unlike many others that clearly were not.

I cannot wait to return again. Thank you guys.”