A space for nature

“Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge manages to knit together the very best in comfort, service and food, whilst making space for nature. A difficult feat to achieve, but one that I and my mother very much appreciated.

There is no forced planting of exotic, introduced flowers and tightly strimmed grass, which seems to have become the standard everywhere around the world in boutique hotels and lodges. Instead, the focus is on allowing the smaller but essential things in life to flourish, such as butterflies and solitary bees, without the average guest even knowing these wonderful insects are there.

Marcus and his team recognise the importance and value of these pollinators (we would have no coffee or chocolate if it was not for insects pollinating the flowers of these plant species!) and have cleverly crafted and created an environment that allows space for all.

This is an ideal place for birding, but even better if you are interested in Lepidoptera. The team’s knowledge and enthusiasm is nothing short of incredible, and I am truly in awe that so much time and effort is invested in compiling inventories of what they have found there. It is clear that this is not just a passing interest, or an attempt at green-wash to enhance visitor numbers, but a genuine desire to accurately record the diversity of the lodge.

Many congratulations to you all. You have achieved the trickiest of things by providing first class accommodation, food and service without compromising the location.

I’m very much looking forward to my next visit.

Stayed April 2017, traveled with family”