A place dreamed come true

“My first visit to this amazing place was 4 years ago and since then I have been fortunate to be back on two other occasions.  The first time was the perfect culmination of my trip to Cambodia and since that time 4 Rivers captivated me with all his charms: the environment, a unique place still intact in the country; the landscape, relaxing, lush and wonderful; the sound, of silence, peace and tranquility that surrounds it; the concept, luxury tents floating in a river in middle of the jungle; the service, attentive to every detail and need; the food, excellent and varied ... Can you ask for more? Try it, and maybe you can see the magic show of fireflies flashing in the night after an amazing nocturnal kayak ride. As I said before, I have been fortunate to be able to return more times to this awesome place and to show my best friends and family this hidden gem of Cambodia. All enjoyed the place and the lodge as I do. If you have the chance, do not doubt. Worth it.