A Paradise on Heart

“We’ve seen quite a few big and luxurious resorts, but we are sure that our stay at Tugu Lombok will remain in our minds like one of the most amazing. We stayed 2 nights in this slice of heaven and everything was absolutely perfect!
The private beach is one of the most beautiful white sand beaches we’ve ever seen. The hotel not only offers kayaks and a Stand Up board free of charge but also all the Snorkel equipment providing us an absolutely mesmerizing experience exploring the sea.
Our Villa, 106, was the second closest Villa to the main swimming pool. Only a green lawn separates the beach from the back garden where we had our own private swimming pool. The room was so big it feels like staying in a castle and had one of the biggest beds we have ever slept, where we were woken up every morning with a perfect sunrise. The bathroom is integrated in the garden where there was a big fishpond with Shower and bathtub outside surrounded by nature.
The staff could not have been more helpful and welcoming serving us with a real smile and warmth. The food was exceptionally good. The breakfast and afternoon tea were delicious and best of all, we got to enjoy it anywhere we wanted.
The hotel complex is huge and it is lovely to wander around. Everywhere we found pieces of Indonesian culture and art. Every time we went around we discovered a new lovely spot.
We fell in love by this hotel! Absolutely everything was stunning. We will definitely recommend it to friends and family.”