A night with the maharajah

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Prior to my departure to India I went on their website to see what to expect and what I saw was very appealing and filled me with great expectations. These were more than realised as the reality of the place is quite simply enchanting. First there is the imposing and stylish and elegant archway that you have to go through, then the splendour of the building reveals itself with in front of it a manicured garden. After that it is sheer enjoyment of the senses as you go through courtyards, reading rooms with imposing chandelier. I felt an incredible sense of peace there helped in that respect by the most exotic room that I have ever stayed something of the Arabian nights. The staff is locally employed and will do their best for you. The food is nice. Walking through the garden it was a pleasant surprise to encounter an emu. Whilst there I would recommend the camel ride going through the village and surroundings as it gives you the chance to be up close with the villagers who will extend to you the most enthusiastic of welcome. I left this place the following day with only one regret and that is that I would have wanted to stay there a bit longer.