A luxurious modern oasis in Gilli Air. An amazing place to slow down and relax

“I should mention that prior to our arrival to Gilli Air, I was in constant communication with the Villas, trying to arrange for transportation from Amed to the island. Bali and the surrounding area was experience heavy tropical rain storms and no boats were travelling between Bali and Lombok. Juli and her team were extremely responsive to my questions and concerns, and were extremely helpful in assisting us. The provided many options and recommendations. I knew from the start we were going to be in good hands and have an excellent experience with Slow Gilli Air (aka Slow Villas).

We travelled from Amed to Gilli Air via the Freebird Express speedboat. It dropped us off on the shores of Gilli Air, and then took a cidone (horse and carriage) to Slow Gilli Air.

Upon our arrival, we were given a warm welcome by Juli and her staff. The entire team was extremely professional, accommodating, attentive and friendly.

Slow Villas took was breathtaking from the beginning. We were shown to our private villa and it was magical. Everything has been thought out and attention has been paid to the smallest of details. To start, the map of the island, full of personalized handwritten recommendations was truly a nice touch. The villa comes equipped with a kitchenette, an outdoor bathroom, A/C, a memory stick loaded with a selection of movies, a private pool and outdoor sitting area. They even provide you with stylish straw sun hats to protect you from the sun and flashlights for walking around at night. In addition, they provide a complimentary 30 minute spa treatment at the property’s spa. The spa treatment was so great that we booked second visit.

The complimentary breakfast was incredible. Breakfast is delivered to the villa every morning and features fresh produce and a wide range of healthy menu options, we were overwhelmed (in a good way) by the spread.

Featuring a modern bohemian rustic vibe, it’s really charming and really encourages you to wind down (hence the name and philosophy of the place) and relax.

The location is just off the beaten track. A secluded beach is a short walk away. There are bikes available to rent, which we took full advantage of. It’s a relatively small island, but walking it sometimes proved to be just a tad too far. Biking is definitely the way to go.

Honestly, we enjoyed our time at the villa so much, we tried to spend as much time there as possible. It was everything we wanted and more.

We would definitely stay here again. This is truly a Gilli Air gem.

Room Tip: This is a small property with only 10 private villas.”