A great, deep and perfect experience

I spent 3 days with my family (kids: 7 & 8 years) in the Kinugawa Kanaya Hotel. I am a very spoiled customer but can say: Wow! What a great and deep experience. We felt welcomed from the very first minute. We loved the very friendly and attentative service be it in the restaurant or at the reception. The hotel team organized excursions for us to Edo Wonderland, the cultural highlights of Nikko or a rafting trip on the Kinugawa river. The team took care end to end and even organized the required tickets. The rooms (we had a japanese standard room with2 beds) were very clean and a good mix of modern luxury and the traditional japanese style. The onsen is beautiful and the Kaiseki kitchen is remarkable.(...) And yes, you need to have time. Not all members of the hotel team speak English but they surely will get you someone with the required language skills. That might take a minute longer but the hotel team demonstrated to be very flexible and even more important: they really took care to make our stay a relaxed, pleasent and deep experience. If you are up for that, this is the hotel for you. If you are looking for an international highspeed service and have no time nor patience or interest to have a dialogue with people then you might stay in a larger hotel chain.