A gem in HCMC

Wow! What can I say. This hotel is testament to the power of social media and Trip Advisor. A perfect place to stay in HCMC that I probably would otherwise never have known about to book. The hotel was previously the home of a wealthy local family and has been converted into a boutique hotel and renovated. It has the charm of Raffles, has one of my favourite architectures (French colonial), has a perfect location right on the river and offers all modern facilities. They served my favorite breakfast every day (bircher museli and eggs benedict) and the bircher was trendily served in its component parts so I could create my perfect cereal. Access to a private boat to get to the centre of the city seemed extravagant and for my children (aged 4, 7 and 10) was like an extra excursion that they looked forward to every day. A true gem and highly recommended!